Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Pinterest

The Good, the Bad, and How to Use it 


There has been a lot of buzz online about Pinterest. Each day, more and more sign up. And, yet it’s still one of the most under-utilized social media platforms…in terms of business, that is. So, what exactly is Pinterest, and how can it help YOU?

Pinterest allows you to share images based on common interests. This has taken the Marketing world by storm due to its rapid growth and room for brand expansion. Pinterest has been collectively thought of as a new stage not only for regular people but for companies to highlight their best products by the best way they can, images.


  • The Pinterest audience is 97% female. This is an important consideration seeing that women account for 85% of all consumer purchases. 
  • Great for marketing products such as homes and food.
  • If you position your brand wisely on the network it can create phenomenal traffic for your website.
  • It’s fun and simple to use.


  • Sometimes original links can lose their way through repining.
  • Images must be of a higher quality to really capture “wow” factor.
  • Pinterest can become very addicting!

What you need to do to shine on Pinterest

  • Upload easy to understand images.
  • Keep board names simple and explanatory. Search engines pick up on these names, and you won’t generate followers, if they don’t know what it is exactly they are following.
  • Include SEO-friendly keywords to bring in much wanted extra traffic to your site.
  • Beef up your boards before you start following fellow “pinners”, your audience will be more likely to follow you if you have plenty to look at.
  • Log onto the network every day for a few minutes to see what’s new, respond to comments, and continue expanding your board and marketing your brand.
  • Keep your personal account separate from your business account.
  • DO NOT go on pinning rampages (i.e. do not pin just for the sake of pinning).

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