Hillsborough Title is Proud to Announce its YourDox Platform

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Want to see how YOU benefit?

YourDox is technology that works automatically within our systems to offer safe and secure document storage for buyers and sellers, and post closing marketing for realtors and lenders.

Here’s how it works – with every closing, buyers and sellers get paperless delivery of their documents to their personal, secure website. Using their YourDox account, they can safely store, print, download, and email their documents at any time. They can also add any other important documents to their account for safekeeping. Every time a customer accesses their account, they are greeted with your logo, contact information, and links.

Here’s a quick overview of just some of the benefits of Hillsborough Title’s YourDox system:

How it benefits your customer:

  • Secure delivery and storage of their important documents
  • Secure site to store any additional documents
  • Environmentally-friendly paperless delivery
  • No more searching for important papers
  • Instant disaster recovery for insurance claims in case of fire, flooding, hurricanes, tropical storms, and natural disasters
  • Protection from theft, forgery, or access by others
  • Protection from deterioration such as moisture, mold & mildew
  • Notification of delivery of post-closing policies and documents
  • Notification of important dates, events, and real estate information on behalf of their real estate team

How it benefits YOU:

  • Complete, automatic post-closing marketing campaign
  • Lifetime branding and links on customer document sites – permanent marketing and brand reinforcement at document access and other key moments with all past customers, increasing repeat and referral opportunities
  • Lifetime, automatic email marketing campaign – real estate info to all past customers with their logo, links and contact info
  • Lifetime Leadsautomatic lead generation on all past customers, delivered with perfect timing.