Making the Closing Process Work for You

receiving house keys while signing paperworkParamount Title works with all parties involved in the closing & escrow process to help ensure the transaction is efficient and straightforward. The time we put into researching, preparing documentation, and coordinating all aspects of a closing is well worth the effort if it means a successful closing.


Every party who participates in a closing has a different perspective and different needs. Paramount Title has the expertise and experience to assist in any aspect of the process.



When your interest lies in making certain the deal goes through as quickly and effortlessly as possible for your client, Paramount Title can help. Our title search and document preparation services, including obtaining title insurance, combined with our experience in managing thousands of closings, means you’ll have a client who is relaxed and worry-free.


You need assurance that the property is free to be sold, and that the title is clear. Paramount Title conducts thorough, accurate and quick title searches and provides title insurance when necessary to make sure the closing happens on time. We have specialize REO services, including commercial REO services, as well as experience in Tampa short sales. These can help banks and lenders with real estate holdings to sell them with minimal fuss and delay.


Paramount Title can help protect your interests through our acclaimed title search services, and our detailed document preparation services. The pages and pages of paperwork that needs to be accurately completed and filed for a closing to occur is no problem for Paramount Title’s experts.


Whether you choose to use a REALTOR® or broker to sell your home, or decide to sell on your own, Paramount Title can help you manage this important transaction. Our comprehensive closing services and affordable costs can help you realize the maximum value when you sell your home.

Facing foreclosure and trying to negotiate a Tampa short sale? Paramount Title can help clear the way with our specialized Tampa short sale services.


Paramount Title has a dedicated refinance team to help make the refinancing process quick and easy for both borrower and lender.


When buying or selling a home in the Tampa area, make sure you are protected with a thorough, professional title search and title insurance from one of Tampa’s most experienced companies – Paramount Title. Chances are, the property you’re buying has gone through many ownership changes. Title insurance will protect you from any weak link in the ownership chain, like unpaid real estate taxes or a forged signature in the transfer.

Reliable services like these will ensure that all the documents needed have all been prepared. This results in a stress-free transaction for you and everyone involved.

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