Comprehensive Commercial REO Services

woman holding a house in her handsToday’s challenging real estate market has resulted in a significant number of lenders holding real estate owned properties (REO). The sale of REO property entails a more complex and detailed closing process, often with complications that are not normally present. For example, vacant properties may be in violation of city codes, lack permits, and have accrued late penalties and interest. In some cases titles are in question. All of these issues must be resolved for the closing to be completed.


Paramount Title is your solution. We provide comprehensive REO services, including commercial REO services, to address and resolve outstanding issues prior to the settlement, making for a smooth and worry-free closing. Our title services are provided in-house, speeding the process and ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided.


Among the proactive REO services and commercial REO services Paramount Title provides are:


Title Commitment

Municipal Lien Searches

Lenders and mortgage holders across Florida have come to rely on Paramount Title for REO services and commercial REO services that are fast, reliable and affordable. Call us first for help in resolving your REO problems.


When buying or selling a home in the Tampa area, make sure you are protected with a thorough, professional title search and title insurance from one of Tampa’s most experienced companies – Paramount Title. Chances are, the property you’re buying has gone through many ownership changes. Title insurance will protect you from any weak link in the ownership chain, like unpaid real estate taxes or a forged signature in the transfer.

Reliable services like these will ensure that all the documents needed have all been prepared. This results in a stress-free transaction for you and everyone involved.

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