Nationwide Closings and National Insurance Services

landscapeThe real estate market in Florida has long involved both out-of-state buyers and the purchase of properties in other states. Coordinating the additional paperwork and documentation required by these cross-border transactions can be time consuming and frustrating. Unless you have Paramount Title on your side!


Paramount Title has extensive experience in conducting local title searches, providing national insurance services, and coordinating real estate closings across the U.S. Our nationwide network of local title companies and closing attorneys gives us complete access in all states, and helps to ensure smooth and easy transactions.


Our national services include all types of transactions, including the sale of residential and commercial property, condominiums, short sales, REO services, commercial REO services and auctions. We are well versed in the laws and regulations governing real estate transactions in every state, and have conducted thousands of comprehensive and accurate title searches across the country.


Our national real estate transaction and national insurance services include:

Don’t let state borders prevent you from making a real estate transaction. Call Paramount Title for assistance today.


When buying or selling a home in the Tampa area, make sure you are protected with a thorough, professional title search and title insurance from one of Tampa’s most experienced companies – Paramount Title. Chances are, the property you’re buying has gone through many ownership changes. Title insurance will protect you from any weak link in the ownership chain, like unpaid real estate taxes or a forged signature in the transfer.

Reliable services like these will ensure that all the documents needed have all been prepared. This results in a stress-free transaction for you and everyone involved.

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