We Make Tampa Short Sales Simple and Fast

Short-Sales-210x200With so many homeowners “upside down” in today’s real estate market, thousands are utilizing short sales to avoid foreclosure. But short sales can be complicated transactions, with multiple transactions between the buyer, agent, homeowner and lender.


At Paramount Title we make the Tampa short sale process easier and simpler for all parties. We work with the seller and their REALTOR® or agent to facilitate the short sale approval process by preparing necessary documentation ahead of time. This includes:



 We coordinate communications between the seller and lender.

Once a purchase & sale agreement is signed, Paramount Title completes all title services, including title search and title insurance, prepares all closing documents and conducts the closing and settlement. Our experienced in-house attorneys have completed thousands of Tampa short sale closings with excellent results.


Attention REALTORS®, brokers and listing agents:  Before you accept a listing know all the facts! The seller may not be aware of the liens and their responsibilities, or may choose not to disclose this information up front. Don’t waste your time on Tampa short sales in which the title is in question. Paramount Title can conduct a title search to uncover the truth behind the listing, including all liens and judgments against the property, allowing you to make an informed decision.

For assistance with Tampa short sales, call the experts at Paramount Title


When buying or selling a home in the Tampa area, make sure you are protected with a thorough, professional title search and title insurance from one of Tampa’s most experienced companies – Paramount Title. Chances are, the property you’re buying has gone through many ownership changes. Title insurance will protect you from any weak link in the ownership chain, like unpaid real estate taxes or a forged signature in the transfer.

Reliable services like these will ensure that all the documents needed have all been prepared. This results in a stress-free transaction for you and everyone involved.

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