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#TechTipTuesday: Google Goggles Saves You Time

Far be it from us to shill for another company, but Google makes some really interesting gizmos, from good software for telephones to the hands-down best email system that’s ever existed. But, there’s a nifty tool embedded in the Google Search apps on iPhone and Android as well as through their web interface: Google Goggles.

google goggles
Google Goggles logo

If you see something that you’re curious as to what it is—like a strange-looking bug outside a home or a nifty looking decoration—you can just point your smartphone’s camera at it and Google will do its best to find what you’re looking for.

While it might seem pointless at first, imagine how much easier finding something could be if, while you can’t exactly describe it, you can just take a picture of it? It’s especially handy if you’re showing a home and a client asks what something is—it might not be your home but if Google can find out, why not use it?

There are other benefits, as well. The Goggles search links to the regular Google search page for it so not only can you identify something, but also do research on it. If your client wants to know how good a certain appliance is, you can pull it up without knowing about it and get the information they want in real time. If you want to know how trustworthy a company is, snap a picture of their logo and check the reviews.

We know that you’re busy people, so we figure that having a tool like that in your pocket might help you be more efficient (and, therefore, more successful in your showings). If the only limiting factor that you have is not having the information, changing that is as simple as pulling out your smartphone and taking a picture. Happy Tuesday!