Tech Tip Tuesday: December 24, 2013

10 Creative Solutions for a More Productive Workspace 

  • 1.%2520hoverbar%2520for%2520ipad

    1. HoverBar for iPad

    Why invest in a second monitor when your iPad can do the job? The HoverBar attaches to a number of different surface, including monitors, desks, cubicles and cabinets. Its adjustable arm bends to the angle or height of your choice.

    Price: $79.99

  • 2.%2520cordies%2520cable%2520organizer

    2. Cordies Cable Organizer

    Keep those pesky cables untangled with the Cordies cable organizer, a minimalistic design that also prevents unplugged cords from slipping under your desk.

    Price: $9.99

  • 3.%2520bluelounge%2520studio%2520desk

    3. Bluelounge Studio Desk

    Cables are a necessary evil — for now. But that doesn’t mean you have to look at them. The Bluelounge desk stores cords in a hidden drawer, which you can easily access by sliding your desktop. Sneaky!

    Price: From $599.95

  • 4.%2520mstand%2520360

    4. mStand 360

    Laptop stands are great solutions for improving your posture, but it can be hard to detach the device. The mStand’s swivel solution means you can easily share your screen with others nearby, without unhooking everything.

    Price: $59.90

  • 5.%2520ergotech%2520triple%2520monitor%2520stand

    5. Ergotech Triple Monitor Stand

    In need of a serious command center? Lock your triple monitor setup into a sturdy stand like Ergotech’s.

    Price: $228.99

  • 6.%2520humanscale%2520m2%2520monitor%2520arm

    6. Humanscale M2 Monitor Arm

    Great for medical practices or customer service centers, the Humanscale arm makes it easy to share your monitor’s contents with another. Or install in your fitness room or dorm suite for flexible viewing angles.

    Price: $310

  • 7.%2520bondi

    7. Bondi

    This little buddy will follow you wherever you go. Hate to miss an important call or text? Hang your cell on the corner of your monitor or secure it to your belt loop. The Bondi also hangs from your charger, so you don’t have to rest your cell on the floor next to the electrical outlet.

    Price: $15

  • 8.%2520plug%2520hub

    8. Plug Hub

    A combined cord and outlet solution, the Plug Hub lives compactly under your organized desk.

    Price: $24.99

  • 9.%2520agtek%2520ipad%2520mount

    9. Agtek Clamp Mount

    Similar to the HoverBar, the Agtek mount clamps more than just your iPad. It also fits Android tablets, portable video players and some GPS units.

    Price: $49.99

  • 10.%2520matias%2520one%2520keyboard

    10. Matias One Keyboard

    Tired of switching between computer keyboard and touchscreen keypad? Hook up your iPhone to this keyboard, which you can use to type on either device. Simply click a button to switch between the two.

    Price: $99.95 

    By: Stephanie Buck