Tech Tip Tuesday: October, 15 2013

How to Open Desktop Version of Websites on Mobile Phone 


Okay, so you are wondering why anyone would want to open Desktop version of a website on Mobile Phones. I second that, but there are scenarios where it could be helpful.

For Example, Facebook for Mobile doesn’t show all the settings there. If you need to set a photo’s privacy, you need to visit Desktop version of Facebook, which is, sometimes, not possible.

You can use this trick to make changes right from your mobile device.

Install Third Party Web Browsers on your Mobile

The default browser on Android lets you view the desktop version of any website but iPhone does not. So, it’s better to install a third party browser available in Play Store for Android and App Store for iPhone respectively. Here is a list of browsers that are available for Android. Most of them are also available for iPhone as well,

Google Chrome for iPhone | Google Chrome for Android

Dolphin Browser for iPhone | Dolphin Browser for Android

clip image0015 How to Open Desktop Version of Websites on Mobile Phone

If you have installed Google Chrome on your Android, you can find the ‘Request desktop Site’ option.

Or, if you have install Dolphin browser, Find User Agent in Settings and change it to Desktop.

You can now open Desktop versions of any website. It is quite helpful when Mobile version has few restrictions or hide an element from the main website.