Tech Tip Tuesday: September 10, 2013

Tech Tip

Today we want to share with you an easy little trick that often causes some not-so-easy anxiety.

How to post a PDF flyer to social media when working off your phone

So you’ve just received an email with a PDF attachment, and you want to share it on your social media channels, but how?


1. Open the attachment.

2. Take a screenshot- doing so will save the screenshot in your photo stream. If you are unsure of how to take a screenshot on your device, click here for an iPhone tutorial or here for an Andorid tutorial.

3. Go to your photos, and select the screenshot image you just took.

4. Click “edit”, and crop the image. You want to crop the image, so that when posted to your social media channels it won’t look sloppy (i.e. like a screenshot).

5. Save the freshly cropped image.

6. Open a social media app (i.e Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. etc.).

7. Click “share photo”, select the image, and then add a fun and informative “caption”.

8. Click “post”, and you’re done.

CONGRATS! You just shared a professional looking post all from your phone!