Tech Tip Tuesday: September 17, 2013

How to use Instagram and Vine to make your listings shine


Instagram and vindOne of the most exciting things of using social media for real estate agents is the ability for you to give your clients a great way to tour the property they’re interested from the comfort of their home or office. It’s a great way for them to share the property they’re interested in with family and friends to help them make a decision.

So, with that in mind, you’ll want to make sure that you have your properties well-represented on every social media app from across the spectrum.

Two of the more exciting apps that have been released recently isInstagram and Vine. Each of these apps contain powerful tools for you to help show off your property in the best light possible. With these apps, it’s possible for you to make a sale without even having to leave the office!

If you don’t know about it, Vine is an incredibly popular video sharing site that’s spread like wildfire over the last year. Users are able to upload six seconds of video from their smartphone or tablet. It’s a great low bandwidth way to capture those types of moments that need a little more than just a photo impression. A few months ago, the app was released for Android so it’s only going to grow in popularity from here. Real estate companies have learned just how valuable this app is in demonstrating wide views while giving a short description of the property’s feature.

Imagine, instead of a static photo of someone swimming in the pool, you can demonstrate someone doing laps. That’s important since it helps your clients imagine themselves replacing the person in the pool. The short time you have to record video forces you to think of different ways to highlight your property. Anyone can do two minute tours – but believe it or not, even that is too long for the short attention span audience of the Internet.


Everyone remembers the billion dollar acquisition of Instagram by Facebook last year, and recently, the results of that merger have begun to trickle into everyone’s Facebook feed. Last week, an important feature was added, and Instagram users can now post fifteen seconds worth of video. They’ve also included thirteen different filters that users can select from to make their video standout from their competitors. It’s the perfect way for you to showcase your different properties with a quick and easy video shoot that covers all angles of the property.

With Instagram, you have a built in base of subscribers who have already signed up and have been an active part of the service since 2011. There are many people who have the technical and social knowhow in what to post on there. You’re also allowed up to fifteen seconds of video ­- double what Vine offers (however, it wouldn’t be surprising if Vine changed the length of time you have to record as an option within the next few months as response).

Facebook has begun to promote Instagram stories within your feed already. Users who have connected their Facebook accounts to their Instagram accounts are sharing the photos that they like on Instagram. These ‘likes’ now appear in your feed with the intent to prime other people to check out the photos posted and see for themselves.

Vine however has the distinction and advantage of being first with the short video sharing apps, so it is still the one to beat. They’ve found a natural audience of filmmakers and storytellers who want to put their things online in a place that’s easy to share with friends and prospective clients. The most popular videos are those of pets and comedians doing funny bits. However, other real estate agents are finding out just how useful and powerfulVine can be for their business.

Each of these apps offer advantages for your business. It wouldn’t be out of line for you to maintain accounts on either one (in fact, you should already have signed up for an Instagram account to show your real estate photos with), but it is useful since you will want to maintain it with daily updates. Consider that when signing up that you’ll want to keep it maintained and your feed interesting enough so that people continue to check it out on a daily or weekly basis.

Remember, there’s no substitute for actually taking your client to tour the property and show them what it’s like in person, so make sure you are not substituting personal interaction when using tools like Instagram and Vine. Let these apps enhance your client’s experience with the listing they’re interested in, don’t let it replace the most important part, actual interaction with your clients! 


By: Powerup Social Media