Typical End of the Month

All of you in Real Estate and Lending can appreciate this…kind of a summary of closings for the month!

Realtors and Lenders- picture this scenario:

You have a listing now for 9 months that you JUST got a contract on that WAS NOT either $100,000 under list, or by a buyer using an unregistered LLC or the 123 Happy Street Trust, Jimmy Hoffa as trustee. It is a short sale, the sellers are going through a divorce, the husband moved out of state, and has told you several times “ I don’t care what EQUATOR needs, I’m not sending you anymore updated bank statements and current pay stubs, I should just let the bank have the house!”

After barely keeping the transaction together, convincing the buyers and/or their agent that it will just be a few more weeks before we close, and why they shouldn’t walk away from their $500.00 deposit that they borrowed from mom and dad, you are getting down to closing. The buyer’s financing is approved by a thread based on the wife’s second income working nights at Denny’s. The house appraised $10.00 over contract price after the 6th comp.

You just discovered the house 4 down from this one has some “settlement cracks” appearing on the garage wall.  A Tropical Depression appears to be forming off the coast of Africa, and your buyer hasn’t bound insurance yet.

The short sale is good until Friday.

The Rate Lock expires on Friday.

The 1st seller cant sign until Friday night after community service hours are served.

The 2nd seller’s mail-away doesn’t return until Monday.

The Lender has to have the package back in their office Monday before noon.

The Buyer’s moving van is sitting in the driveway.

You have been contacted by Verizon wireless for exceeding minutes allowed under the UNLIMITED plan….

Sound familiar?

It sounds familiar to us to. We call this scenario “Typical Friday”.

We are Hillsborough Title. We have been in business for 27 years. We have been here when you needed us. We go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients. We value our relationships with you, and are proud to call you our friends and clients.

Trust your transactions to the EXPERIENCED professionals who were here yesterday, today, and will be here tomorrow when you need us.

Visit www.hillsboroughtitle.com for contact information. Or contact any of our closers on how to make a killer martini- LOL!