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Benefits of Closing With Us
At Paramount Title, we strive to stay on top of technology, security, and the customer experience. Our resources from Florida Agency network give us the ability to close your transaction smoothly and efficiently.

24/7 Personal Closing
Assistance right from your Device

Text 813-710-4126 or Start a Web Chat
- What's the status of my file?
- Show me my open files.
- Where is closing?
- When is closing?
- Where are you located?

Closing Portal

A more secure, easy to use real estate closing platform, Closing Manager is your tool for collaborative conversations, document delivery, document
receipt, and insight into the status of your closing.
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Close from Anywhere
Using our eClosing options

We have options when it comes to eClosing:
- Hybrid eClosing
- In-Person eClosing
- Remote Online Notarization

Submit Your Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)Electonically

We are pleased to introduce the newest option for earnest-money electronic delivery! This new feature allows for a fully digital transfer of funds and will save you - and your clients - time.
submit your emd web page
For Realtors


At Paramount Title we strive to stay on top of technology, security, & customer experience. Being able to have resources from Florida Agency network give us the ability to close your transaction smoothly and quickly.


  • "Christina Ratliff did an amazing job! Our closing was smooth and well-organized due to the extra efforts on Christina's part. Thank you for a job well-done."

    Frank C.

  • "Friendly and welcoming staff provided an efficient closing. Borrower's questions were answered professionally leaving a clear understanding of the transaction and process. Great to do business with Paramount Title."

    Chuck B.

  • "The closing went smoothly and Christina was very knowledgeable to answer all the questions. Will be happy to work with them again."

    Jennifer W.

  • "Paramount Title did a good job on my transaction. Despite many delays by the seller and as well as the lender, the title company was the one constant in making sure the deal got done in a timely manner"

    Justin D.

  • "This is the most helpful and knowledgeable title company around. I hesitate to write this review because I don't want anyone else to go here and make them to busy for my business!"

    Rawson H.

  • "I have not found a title company that has been more helpful and professional in my 19 years of practicing real estate. I will only use them when given the option or for my personal use. Thank you!!!!!!!"

    Marchelle L.

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